Teens Blog JF 2 – 4 Important Life Lessons in David’s Fight Against Goliath

Reference Scripture: 1 Samuel 17

The story of David and Goliath is all too familiar with us. A story of a young shepherd boy who bravely fought the giant, Goliath. In many cases, this story from the old Testament became a signature analogy for every Christian battling big and tough opponents in life. Goliath became the symbol for the humongous problems, people and circumstances we must face and overcome. There are a lot of essential life lessons we as young believers in Christ can get from David’s life as a youth.  

  1. David did not let other people look down on his youth. Young as he was, David did not let his youth become a barrier for serving God. His older brother got mad at him and King Saul doubted his skills to kill the giant yet David, knowing God was behind him, went on to do what he had to do.(1 Samuel 17:33) Many times, we’ll hear people telling us we cannot do something for his kingdom.You hear things like “You’re not good enough” or “You’re too young. You don’t know anything.” Paul reminded the young Timothy this: “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith and in purity.”(1 Timothy 4:12)
  2. David was accountable. When Jesse, David’s father asked him to go to the battlefield to bring provisions for his brothers, David immediately thought of whom will tend his flock.(1 Samuel 17:20-22)  This is a wonderful trait that we as young people should follow.This could mean to us that we too must be accountable to witness to those who are closest to us -our family and friends and to not disregard them in exchange for a bigger ministry we want to commit to.
  3. David was prepared. Before David set out, the Lord had prepared David and he knew it.  David took care of their sheeps in the wilderness where bears and lions dwell and attack his flock. David was trained to kill those vicious attackers and so, he was not afraid of his opponent. (1 Samuel 17:34-36)  The Lord knows a heart who wants to serve Him. Whether it is in small things like being obedient to our parents, helping out someone in need or doing things no one would acknowledge us for, let us remember that this could be the training God has placed us on to prepare us for a greater mission.
  4. David had total reliance in God. It is important to mention that King Saul and the Israelite army were frightened . If I were to think of this description, it is hard for me to imagine a king and an army (these are men, not young children) greatly soaked in battles to respond that way. There was only one enemy who challenged the whole Israelite army yet Goliath must be extremely horrifying to have made them flee and have them terrified like that.  On another note, David even seeing how he was an underdog displayed unwavering courage to fight Goliath.David’s faith wasn’t born out of conceit. David knew exactly whom He trusted and he wouldn’t let anyone profane the people of God. (1 Samuel 17:46-47)

David as a youth was humble and had great discernment. This will not be possible had it not that he was walking closely with God. We as young people should also do the same. When we submit our lives to the Lord, He will be the One to guide our paths and make us do big and awesome things for His kingdom. We need to be attached to our Vine (Jesus Christ) to bear fruit.(John 15:5)

I hope this article has encouraged you as much as it has encouraged me. I’d like to hear your thoughts as well in the comment box below. Stay blessed brothers and sisters! 🙂

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