Prayer for Special comfort

Dear Lord, we remember all those who suffer

  • the loss of loved ones in action  locally in community or on duty in Afghanistan and in all war- torn countries
  • every refugee bereft of home and country
  • every victim of the ravages of nature – typhoons, tornadoes, floods, storms at sea, left homeless
  • everyone who suffered an accident or lost a loved one from death by disease and remain lonely
  • those suffering chronic and terminal diseases with no respite from unrelenting pain
  • those who are abused from sin struck loved ones and associates, bearing hurt and critical hopeless pain unseen
  • all everyone else left alone,  who need a loving, caring touch from God’s children and the Master himself.

Be be their Refuge and Strength today from the taunts of the evil one, doubts and fears and hopelessness.

Be their Comfort and Healer.

Be their loving Father who secures their future so that they rest in Your everlasting arms.

As they wait patiently, please help them mount up with wings as eagles, to a new day in You Emmanuel, God with us!

Thank You Lord for hearing and answering when we call.

In  Jesus’ name we have prayed. Amen.


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    A lovely prayer.

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