JES1 – The Official Handshake


I recently learned of the release of the hormone/ chemical, oxytocin, in one’s body at the shake of a hand. It gave greater significance to some seemingly small areas. One of those areas is introductions.

Shaking hands isn’t just a formality. It is a complex system of healing that God has graced us with, even in our fallen state. Something about the physical touch of strangers hints at reconciliation.

Not only does the assimilation serve as a picture, but it temporarily alters our chemical make up. This oxytocin does not provide an addictive high but a contagious high. People get the bug of generosity while viewing if from afar.

Our God is a master of mystery and of untold systems. He is unsearchable. However, we get to know him more and more through His Word and his spirit at work in each other.

I would feel really uncomfortable if someone dodged a hand shake with me and cut straight to business. As a matter of fact, I’ve made pretty large decisions based on this, in the recent past. It would feel bad but more than that it would render them ineffective, especially, if they were attempting to minister to my soul.

So to make this deal official…

My name is James Edward Sharp. I am a 30 year old husband and father. I work construction at a local chemical plant and teach music lessons.

My wife, Hanna, and I met in a worship music team at a church, where a little while later we led that ministry together as a part of the staff. Our daughter is almost 2 and has enough energy to convince Ponce De Leon that he was right. We now serve along many other wonderful families in various ministries at a local church in Monroe, LA.

I’m currently enrolled and take online courses through Grace College of Divinity (GCD). My passions are God, family, missions – unreached people groups, music, writing, reading and  coffee.

This is my first weekly (God willing) blog with Christian Blessings. I am more than honored to get to share some gifts with everyone here. I am thrilled to announce that I am focusing these posts on the topic of Family Worship.

So this is my virtual handshake and a big thank you for inviting me into the Christian Blessings family. I hope this has given you some form of a surge of oxytocin. Even though this form is opposite of the one I’ve been speaking about, God will use it, too, in uncalculated ways. He might just really have big plans for us to obey his word and build each other up for his mission to his world for his glory. And I dare you to believe that he will use our families to do just that.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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5 Responses to JES1 – The Official Handshake

  1. I noticed you followed my blog. Thanks for reading! I just want to let you know that I have switched domains. You can check it out here:

  2. 4hispraise says:

    May you be blessed, as I have been, by His commission to Witness His place in your life.Thank you for joining us. Milt

  3. ptl2010 says:

    We welcome James and Hanna to ChristianBlessings. Stay, and enjoy serving the Lord here. He is here to touch lives and to draw them closer to Him. Amen.


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