LB 2…What Is A Lightbearer?

Some of you may be asking, “What in the world is a Lightbearer?” Well, I’ll tell you: a Lightbearer is someone who shares the truths of the Bible no matter what the cost. They are so devoted to God that they fearlessly let the light of His truth shine on those who are in the darkness of deception. The mission can be dangerous and some times life threatening, but these souls love God so much that they are willing to risk all for Him. It’s a noble calling, one that all Christians should strive for.

Now these people didn’t start off like this. Oh, no. Before they obeyed the call of Jesus to go and let their light shine they were once of this world. They either loved the things or the theology of this world (the theology that you are fine just the way you are and that you don’t have to forsake your sins). But God saw potential in these people and through the Holy Spirit taught them the true way of living for Jesus in the Holy Bible. Those who are not content to live according to this world’s standards, quickly accept this teaching, while those who are content with their life find it hard to accept it (but eventually they start to desire the teaching and decide to follow it with all their heart. Praise God!) These new Lightbearers realize that following Jesus totally requires sacrifice and they gladly give up their worldly ways for Him. They also realize that sometimes it means leaving their home and loved ones to spread His truth to the world, and they also obey this hard command because they love Him so much.

Wherever these people go they always share what the Bible says with others when opportunity comes their way. These truths are His Light that He gives to them to share with those who are lost in lies and deception, which is like a gross darkness that encircles the world. Many people are delivered through the dedication of Lightbearers and end up wanting to know more about Jesus Christ, who saved them through the light of His Spirit that shines through His servants. Do you want to be a Lightbearer for Jesus no matter what the cost may be to you? If you say yes, you will be rewarded both in this life and in Heaven.



About Lightbearer4Truth

Learn about Jesus and how to live for Him in a world full of darkness and fear. Purpose in your heart to be His Lightbearer today!
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