Cramped Conditions

DSCN0506We spent the weekend finishing up some minor remodeling in our main bedroom and bathroom that included adding crown and base moulding, some other trim work, and a new coat of paint. In preparation for the project, we took everything off the walls, pulled all the furniture into the middle of the room, and stacked stuff in awkward piles all over the place in order to give us better access to the areas that needed updating.

DSCN0508But really the project wasn’t just a weekend job.  It actually started some time ago, but as life with kids often goes, our goal to work on the room kept getting squeezed out for more immediate plans …. like softball and football games, Boy Scout trips, visits to North Carolina,  etc etc. Then, once the holidays were upon us, the task again got sidelined in preparation for guests and other travel plans. However, since we had every intention of getting back to the project, we just left the furniture in its dislodged condition and learned to step around (and over) stuff to get what we needed from our room.

But today, everything is back in its original place. The tools have been stored, the construction and painting debris is cleaned up, and we even gave the carpet a good shampooing. And in addition to the new look of the fresh paint job, what I realized is just how much room there is in our bedroom! It seems that the furnishings had been out of place for so long that I’d become accustomed to the cramped conditions and learned to function within the disorder and limited space.

Could it be that unconsciously you are doing the exact same thing?  You know, it’s easy for believers to mimic the emotionally-driven world we live in and move fear, anxiety and insecurity into the center of our lives, blocking our free access to the freedom that is ours in Christ. Though we may initially notice subtle restrictions, it’s amazing how quickly we become accustomed to self-imposed limitations. Instead of being diligent to clear away spiritual clutter, we tolerate the mess and create new patterns to compensate as we learn to live with the dysfunction.

You don’t have to be content with stepping over the same obstacles in your life because freedom is what God has in mind for you. It’s the reason Christ died. Not only to release you from the eternal consequences of sin, but to break the power of sin in your life today. In John 8 verse 32 Jesus says ‘The truth shall set you free’ and four verses later in verse 36 he says ‘If the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.’ You can be free to move about in grace. It begins with a relationship with God through Christ.  Once that initial connection is established, then choose to submit to Him by faith, and He will begin the process of reordering your life and setting everything in place according to His divine plan.

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