LB 3… “Christ’s Loneliness And Ours”, Charles Spurgeon

The path of a Lightbearer is not an easy one to travel. When you decide to fully serve the Good King the world will laugh at you. People will not understand your devotion and most of your friends may forsake you. Being lonely is not enjoyable at all, but in the solitude there is comfort: the Good King was once lonely when He was here on this earth. He knows how it feels to walk the path alone, for He once walked it alone. He knows how it feels to have family and friends forsake you because He once went through that ordeal. But He had the assurance that His Father, who is our Heavenly Father, was with Him and that kept Him going through His very painful trials.

Charles Spurgeon gave a very thought provoking message about the loneliness of Christ and the loneliness of His faithful followers. Before you click on the link below, ask God to open your eyes to the truth and beauty of the message so that you may find comfort in it during your times of loneliness in serving His Majesty.

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Learn about Jesus and how to live for Him in a world full of darkness and fear. Purpose in your heart to be His Lightbearer today!
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