JES3 – Nutritional Values of Family Worship


Nutritional Values

One of the reasons fasting is so hard is that our daily intake is cut. Yes, there’s a large psychological factor at play here too; but we rely on a certain limit of sustenance to maintain our energy. All of us do this, even if only subconsciously.

I’m talking about the dependence factor. This is the main struggle we take into an endeavor like fasting. We are saying, “God I depend on you completely!”

What if we raised our families in this way?

We would feel the guilt as parents if we didn’t provide adequate food for our families but do we grieve at all that our spiritual table is often cleared? Worse yet, many times the metaphor of a spiritual table doesn’t even exist as a frame work in the minds of our families.

We eat three times a day but struggle to take in and dole out the bread of life.

Obedience brings about deep joy that sustains us in ways we never knew we could be fulfilled. This is true communion with God.

Amount Per Serving

Let’s strive to make sure our families are fed the Word. (If it takes comparing it to our food intake, so be it.)
Let’s strive to sing of the highest peaks together.
Let’s celebrate in song. 
Let’s mourn together in song when the time is right. 
Let us inhale the Psalms and exhale spiritual songs.
Let us feed on the Word together, but not as grazers, as doers who feed others.
Let us pray so soberly, happily, disciplined, somberly, sincerely, joyously, earnestly, as advocates crying out, all the time, in all things, with thanksgiving in our hearts (so much so that we know of no other first response).

Regular Serving Amount

Thank you God for your family and our place in it. Thank you for communion with you and with our immediate families. Let them all be for your Glory: every relationship, every encounter. Thank you God for empowering us to walk in a manner worthy of your call. In your son Jesus’ name we thank you and ask these things for your Glory, amen.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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