When you feel broken and alone
With no place to call your home

Are you wondering what to do
You feel like people are judging you

Then your emotions start running wild
Along with them your thoughts are viled

You feel like running but no place to turn
Your head is spinning, your stomach churns

Are you stuck and have no place to go
You feel like life is nothing but a show

You have no hope and feel like giving up
Cause you know you’ll never measure up

You’re running on empty and have no choices
Your ears are burning because you hear voices

There’s one voice that sounds out loud
But it is soft because He’s not proud

He’s as humble as the day is wild
His voice calls out, come to me child

Christ stands and knocks will you let Him in
He frees you from the bondage of sin

Christ will forgive when you confess
He will free you from all of this mess

As Christ comes in you get a new start
Right away he starts to soften your heart

He changes you from the inside out
You have tears of joy and you want to shout

You have some hope and want to share
How Christ changed your life and made you an heir

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

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