My Eulogy for my Grandfather (Kong)

My Kong was promoted to glory on 22 January, 2016 at 5.35pm Singapore at the age of 93.

I will always remember Kng’s constant smile. He had a ready smile for anyone he saw and his eyes would especially light up every time we visited him. He was the epitome of a  “people person”… Someone who loved having people around and in his last days when his legs couldn’t carry him, the phone brought him closer to people he cared about.

Three words that begin with F sum up Kong  for me.

Food. He loved food. In his younger days, he’d tell me about how he would wolf down seven plates of rice for lunch and on days, 80 sticks of satay at one go. As he was older, the hearty appetite waned a little but he still loved his nasi padang, ice kacang, satay and durians.

Friends. He loved the family of God, his friends… Always with a kind word of encouragement or some “-ism” of his… He would tell us interesting stories of his past experiences and  these were  followed  by sound advice.

For him, the weekly Sunday church service was the time he’d catch up with people he prayed for over the week. He had this list where he’d note down all prayer requests he got from various church friends. Then the daily weekday ritual would begin.  In  the porch, every morning, he would read his Bible, and then start praying for them one by one.

To everyone he met, he’ll tell of how the Lord saved him and healed him of epilepsy. He’ll tell them of God’s wondrous love and he’ll urge them to believe in Jesus, just as he did.

Family . And then there’s family. I will always remember his love for the family.  He did many things for us. He was the official chauffeur, the marketing director, the cheerleader, but most of all, the prayer supporter. He never failed to pray for every one of us every day.

He was also fiercely proud of his family. One of my fondest memories was our regular Saturday trips to the wet market. I started doing this with him when I started working. It was our one-on-one time… Where we’d catch up on the happenings during the week and just hang out. There, he’d speak to the stall vendors like old friends, and point at me and proudly tell them I was his “sun”, his granddaughter. And they would reply politely, “Wah so big already!”

Well, I’m thankful to God I was given the privilege of being his granddaughter, his “sun”, his “chu chu”. I’m thankful to God for the times we spent together. I’m thankful to God for all those Kong-isms he gave out every now and then. And I’m thankful to God that we all have that blessed hope of meeting again in eternity.

Kong, thanks for the best times! We had the best of you. It was a wonderful ride!

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3 Responses to My Eulogy for my Grandfather (Kong)

  1. ptl2010 says:

    A Favourite of Kong

  2. 50djohnson says:

    I am so sorry for your loss. But am praising with you that some day you will be together again in Glory.Blessings, Debbie

    • ptl2010 says:

      On behalf of Joanna, my niece, Thank you Debbie for your condolences. Kong was my father.too. We are celebrating that the Lord took him timely, just as he had wished – no pain, family surrounding and lucid to the end. He just slipped into glory peacefully. Praise the Lord.

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