LB 9…God’s Protection Through Prayer (A Short Testimony)

I recall a time when I experienced the true power of prayer.

My mom was in intense pain so we all got up and rushed her to the hospital. As she was being checked by a doctor, my papa and I sat in the waiting room. The TV was displaying a Soap Opera episode. Wanting to ignore the silly sappy love story, I picked up a health magazine from the small table. As I flipped through the pages I asked God to be with my mother and to heal her from the pain she was going through. Papa then got up from his seat and went outside for some fresh air.

When the Soap Opera was over I heard an announcer on the TV say, “Now stay tuned for Crossing Over With John Edward!” When I heard this I shuddered. John Edward was a person on a show who claimed to be able to reach people who had died. The Bible has warnings against this, even saying that those who practice it make contact with demons.

Well, I didn’t want to see or hear demons on the TV. When the title appeared on the screen I sent up a quick prayer to Jesus:

Lord Jesus, please protect me from this.

After I prayed that prayer I became drowsy, so I fell asleep. When I woke up I looked at the TV. Crossing Over With John Edward was over. I had slept through the whole thing.

“Thank you, Jesus,” I whispered, grateful for His protection.

Hours later my mom came out. She was going to be okay. Two prayers were answered that day! Prayer is truly powerful.

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