JES6 – 3 Household Directions of Family Worship


The House 
Shouldn’t our homes resemble God’s? The Puritans said that we should strive to have a church in the house. Matthew Henry’s sermon, “A church in the house,” is an incredible pinnacle of this concept.

as Church
Still though, the understanding of the church has to be more biblical. The church, in scripture, is the called out people of God. Henry understood this along with all the other fathers’ who presented this notion.

Jesus said, “My father’s house will be called a house of prayer for all nations.”

Here are the three directions that these recurring verses tells us our families should be facing:

1. Upward
Lordship means that our houses, like the temple or church buildings, are His, NOT ours. We pray. This is the upward call of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.

We aren’t talking about making our buildings more religious.We aren’t talking about making our lives more ritualistic.We aren’t even talking about spiritualizing every single aspect of life.

This is lordship:

God rules everything, all the time and everywhere, if he is our Lord.

We know how his wishes to make disciples. As His children, let’s do what our Father says.

2. Onward
What role does the meeting place play though? We spend a lot of time in a house. We should take on God’s vision for His house since everything we are and have is already His.

How does the mission move along from your home? Is your movement up into the hierarchy of the world or across the grain according to your sanctified properties.

Is our table an altar? Do we give glory to God in the seemingly mundane. Do we feel like strangers or beg to be comfortable? This looks different for every family.

See we are talking about a unit of people whose mission is the same. That should describe a family. We are working together, fighting for, striving after an end goal together.

3. Outward
Are we outwardly facing? We can’t move the mission along if we don’t understand that the list are “out there”. Sometimes obeying and following Jesus means GOing.

Is our over protective, helicopter parenting style a distraction and hindrance to the work of God in our children. This is something I felt fear in myself.

Stewardship of our family before God will call us to be a generous type of people. Generous people make tough decisions. God’s people count the cost to follow His Son to Him.

Our personal crosses might look like us becoming more hospitable. Our outward qualities start in the home, in the heart and expand progressively as God grows us and changes us to be more like Him.

One small suggestion 
Pray about world situations after the news with your children and entire family for God’s people all over the world. What a precedent to set! We hear the changing news and pray to the Father in the way He told us (about the same affected people) according to His unchanging Good News, the Word.

Let’s make changes today. Let our houses be called  houses of prayer for all nations.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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1 Response to JES6 – 3 Household Directions of Family Worship

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Amen! “Let’s make changes today. Let our houses be called houses of prayer for all nations.”

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