JES7 – Opposites In Family Worship


Being alone with Hanna in Orlando for the better part of this past week was refreshing for our family in a positive way. It was different but still pretty cool. It was an early Valentine’s  for us and yet a little strange without our baby girl.

We left Irelyn, our daughter, who just turned 2 the week before. This was a much needed get away and the first extended stay we’ve spent apart from her. Needless to say, we are thankful for those who watched her and for FaceTime.

I’m hesitant to speak about the things God was working on in me through this week because it is and was so special and intimate. Privacy does have its place. We can forget that in our emphasis on transparency in this post modern era.

So to balance the two, I’ll speak very generally about the principle behind the very pointed and personal convictions I was confronted with this week.

The Repellent Tendencies of Opposites
Sometimes families disperse into various directions. The differing areas of interests that are brought into relationships sometimes drives us to the point of confusion. I want to take a look at 1 of the ways we can ask God to correct this recognized exaggerated emphasis.

The Ironic Unity of Opposites
To be fair, this doesn’t always have to reach the point of deformity and shouldn’t.
We are actually designed by God to compliment each other.

So it makes a lot of sense that we see total opposites not only attracting each other but finding beautiful harmony in their differences.

The Opposite of Opposites
This is isn’t a hard and fast rule though. We also see many couples submitted to Christ who are stunningly similar in nearly every facet of life, succeeding in bringing His glory in their marriages and families. The keys are the submission factor and the upward calling.

How do we creatively lead with our peculiar gifting and personalities? I propose that we must center ourselves in Christ and allow Him to lead us there.

After all, how can we talk about creativity without the authority of the Creator at the helm?

Here is one way creativity has taken form in our marriage and family and a few questions to get you ruminating on possibilities and prayers for your families.

Start Speaking
Remember, that failure is not the Enemy. That belief is actually a common tool of the Enemy.

So practice Godly affirmation and start by thanking God for what He is already doing in our lives and homes.

I am prone to communicate as a reader, writer and musician so I don’t often speak first. Hanna is the opposite. Living with her has taught me to speak up.

As artists, we hear how we need to “channel” this or “echo” that. This often leads to paralytic analysis. God has shown me how to learn from my wife and daughter’s initiative vocal instinct to aggressively lift Jesus aloud. They’ve taught me affirmation in the midst of conflict.

  • The point is we have to start somewhere. Rehearsal can’t continue on infinitely. We have to speak God’s Word in and over our family whether we feel like talking or not.
  • Usually, when we want to be quiet we shouldn’t be.
  • Ironically, usually when we talk we ought not to, at least not so quickly.
  • Furthermore, if we decide to speak let it be God’s Word.

Claim His promises over your families everyday. Remind Him of His goodness for His sake. Be willing for Him to truly be dad and therefore lead the house.


About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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2 Responses to JES7 – Opposites In Family Worship

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Praise God for young men and women who would follow hard after our Lord Jesus Christ in these uncertain and evil days.

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