Warning! Christ is coming to call out His Church

Christ judges believers righteous and makes them members of His body, the Church.

When such pardon is received man is no longer a violator due the gift of the Holy Spirit that changes the soul morally. The holy heart enables man to be righteous and to do righteousness in the eyes of God.

If man violates the law of God – God’s Judgment thus deems man a violator and the Judge’s pardon becomes null and void. No free passes to sin and no excuses to sin. On the other hand, if man keeps himself in the Grace of God – God’s final Judgment is a prepared heart day and night. This prepared heart will escape at an unknown hour – Tribulation, Wrath, and Judgment (compared to Noah’s Day and Sodom and Gomorrah when God rained down fire and brimstone).

God has predetermined that His Church (without spot) – the body of Christ will escape such future Judgment. How? The last trump will sound and Christ will “call out, or take up” His Church or Bride to meet with Him in the air.  May be at an unexpected hour. The righteous and holy will escape tribulation for seven years and Judgment which are both promised. This is the benefit of the Churches refuge.

There is no Eternal security in God’s Divine Judgment. In Divine Judgment when Christ steps down on the Mount of Olives…the guarantee of future hope for many will be lost. No possible way for them to ever find repentance. At the end to the seven year Tribulation all men will stand before the Judgment seat of Christ and be judged according to their deeds either good or evil. Unfortunately many will be condemned into everlasting punishment by the Lord’s righteous Judgment.

Two Judgments mentioned: 1. When the believer’s are pardoned or thus deemed guilty; 2. When Christ returns with the saints to judge the nations.

Warning! Be ready! Listen for the sound of the last trump! It is written. The Church goes first.

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Since 1988 I’ve been writing and doing service for the Lord. It all began in 1987 after a personal walk began with the Lord. This personal walk with the Lord I speak of turned into extensive Bible studies and later evolved into blogging in early 2000. At present I write, author, and publish several different sites on the Internet. My Blogs contain a vast library of Theological writings, teaching videos, and preaching audios that currently go around the globe for the cause of Christ. I write at Christian Blessings on Wordpress, Holy Hubert Lindsey Group on Facebook, Churches on Trial at Google, publish You Tube videos, record sermons at holy.sermon.net, etc. I also pastor a Church called the Upper Room in Williamsburg, Ohio . My secular Blog called Southwestern Ohio Fishing on Wordpress is where I write about experiences with my son and fishing partner Chad where we together enjoy Mother Nature’s beauty mixed with Father God’s creation. At Southwestern Ohio Fishing Blog I also publish favorite recipes for those who enjoy eating and cooking as much as this writer does. Thanks for sharing your time and life with this writer at the Blogs. Here's more access to my ministry and fishing Blog if you'd care to check them out further. Bible Truth Christian Blessings Holy Hubert Group Facebook Churches on Trial Hubert Lindsey YouTube videos The Upper Room Southwestern Ohio Fishing Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it! God Bless!
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