Those were not the exact words that Jesus used when He challenged Peter at the time of their first meeting. He is quick to acknowledge and say to us;  trusting someone, something is often a slow process. He said ;” follow  Me” coupled with a demonstration of His power.

Even with fishing pro- Peter’s lack of success in catching fish and further doubts that things could change; he again lowered his nets at Jesus’s suggestion. They returned with a miraculous harvest.

Seldom did Jesus ask for blind faith before He summoned anyone to do or act.There is a stream of situations in the Bible that speaks to the fact that ; miracles of healing, provision, casting out, and building of the complex, almost always preceeded His call..

We may recall the fear of a small child as he or she stood at the edge of a pool as we said; “O.K. jump!” Then we said don’t worry, ” I gotcha”. What goes though the child’s mind is who are you to give that assurance? A Jesus follower would say; “Are you who you say you are?” That child would say; “Where is Mommy or Daddy?” We rely upon relationships before any risks are taken.

Fast forward; That same child may later be perched upon a three meter board ready to do a one and a half-full twist . It was that first surrender that brought the confidence to take each next complicated step.

Some of us may be shaped by miracles, but I venture that there are few. We build trust and confidence by the steady process of God’s assurances that He is there to catch us. God prepares us more often with unscripted reaches into our lives when least expected. We often treat them as “happy accidents” or good karma. They come as a surprise because we were not looking for them, often not even asked for. If these “incidents” blow right on by without our putting them into our pocket as evidences of God’s love, we will never make it to the three meter board. Perhaps the best we can do is a cannonball from the edge of the pool.

There is a magic time in everyone’s life when we feel empowerment and potential because we took the simple encouragement that says “I gotcha” from any believable source, but especially from our Maker who takes it a step further and says; “Now you do it”.



About 4hispraise

I am quite simply a child of our Lord God. What good that I have done or may do, I pray will reflect solely on the presence of The Holy Spirit who speaks for me in all things.
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