His Grace

Grace is something
that can not be earned
A relationship with Christ
is one to be yearned
We have been called
from the beginning of time
To walk with the Lord
who is sublime
We are called
to turn away from our sin
Our strength comes from the Lord
His Spirit lives within
His love for the lost
cost Him His life
He hung on the cross
to bring us into the light
As we walk with our Lord
for the rest of our days
We lean on Him
in order to not stray
We are His bride
He calls us His church
He knocks at our door
to quicken our search
As He knocks at your door
will you invite Him to come in
He will offer forgiveness
for all your sin
For the wages of sin
is death, you must know
But as we walk with our Lord
we will continue to grow
If you are living in darkness
you can’t find your way
Respond to His calling
I implore you today
It’s His voice
that you hear speak
Calling you home
when you are weak
His voice is the one
that speaks to your heart
Turn from your old life
to get a new start

© Copyright By Bart Hickey, All Rights Reserved, 2011 through 2016

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