JES10 – 3 Signs Your Toddler May Be Charismatic


My Daughter, the Pentecostal: A Story
This week my wife, Hanna, was grieving the anniversary of both of her grandfather’s deaths. A flood of emotions was welling up and eventually the waters came out. This confused our 2 year old, Irelyn.

She found me and kept asking, “What’s wrong? Mommy crying?” I wish I could figure out how to spell it the way she pronounced all of that. Anyway, I suggested we pray for her. Her eyes lit up! She was all about that idea.

But then the greatest fear of every man who has ever been outnumbered by females became task for me. Irelyn started crying too. I was so confused. We tried to pray about 4 times in a row.

Finally after trying to hold hands several times, I thought, “Maybe she just wants to bow her head and cross her hands all super cute like she often does.” I tried this too but to no avail.

Then I realized that she wasn’t pointing to the wall of her room but through it to our room. Then I asked if we should go see mommy. There she was again, lit up like a Christmas tree. She took off running, leading the way.

I came in behind her and she was already at the bedside. This little girl HAD to lay hands on her momma. She was looking back and waiting on me. Boy was she proud of having that little perfect, germy hand smacked against her mommy’s forehead, noise and eyes. Now she was ready to pray; and pray we did!

They grow up fast in every way!
I’ve noticed a progression so far in Irelyn. She’s radical in her spiritual disciplines. She often teaches us more than she is learning from us.

However, so much of life is caught and not taught. Irelyn is learning she is the church.

She’s learning to talk to Dad, the real one, with me, her rent-a-dad.

She really has figured out that she can call mommy and daddy to prayer. Not only that but she really has grown in her expressions both in quality and quantity. She really does go to prayer as the first line of defense for everything.

Who needs conferences and camps for the emotionally charged, yet spiritually deep highs when you have children who stir your affections for God!

By the way, I’m not knocking those venues or experiences, but juxtaposing them to the fruits of Family Worship which God designed.

Irelyn (and Hanna) set my heart on fire for God. The greatest Worship services I’ve been in, to date, happen in the car on the way to almost anywhere. After the dreaded “Let it Go” song, Irelyn gives us back control of song selection. Let’s agree in prayer that song is just a phase.

After that she’s lifting her hands and singing songs like “Fill me Up God”. That will flood the most dried up, cracked, rock-hard heart, I promise.

Don’t let this be one of those discouraging moments when you get an online sneak peak at another family and forget that they’re only posting highlight reels. Parenting is tough stuff! Besides that, we are brand new to the game.

Take this as encouragement to acknowledge and affirm the fruits in your family and the fruits in the labor of your family worship.

A Little Bit: Of Church Humor
Here are 3 symptomatic signs that your toddler or infant may also be a charismatic:

1. They GOT TO practice the laying on of hands, especially for the hurting and sick.

2. They ALWAYS mix singing and prayer together.

3. They speak in tongues A LOT – or at least an unintelligible language.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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5 Responses to JES10 – 3 Signs Your Toddler May Be Charismatic

  1. ptl2010 says:

    I agree with someone who said ” Parents have been given the privilege of being stewards of their children’s lives for a very short time, but the teaching and training they provide is eternal. According to the promise of Proverbs, a child who is diligently trained in the “way he should go” will remain true to that way in this life and reap its rewards in the next.”

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  3. Sue C. says:

    What a blessing that child is! Don’t ever hold her back – not that you would.

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