JES12 – 5 Privileges That Make Parents The Best Worship Leaders


Why a Worship leader?
Somewhere along the way in modern church life, the position of worship leader arrived. Sometimes we never realize why certain things are in place because we’ve never needed to know.

Maybe you have thought about this a great deal, maybe not. We’ve been forced into thinking, praying, studying, and discussing this at great length.

Our Story
It’s important to me because my wife and I served in this position on staff at a church for some time immediately following our marriage. We’ve both volunteered on teams and filled in separately and together in serving various ministries through music.

When you’re reading scripture and seeking how to do your job within the church and find nothing, it will make you begin to search high and low. It will make you draw from all sorts of sources. If you’re like me, you’ll go historical first and then start reaching out to people who should know all about it.

Why parents?
I would like to draw your attention to another topic about which I feel the same, not just Family Worship but  parenting. When we discussed parenthood, I had tons of great examples that had been cataloged in my mind for future reference.

It’s different when your stepping up to fulfill that title or role yourself.

For me the process is the same. Again you search the Bible high and low. You go historical. Then you reach out for wisdom.

5 Privileges
Since these duties hit us back to back, I found more overlapping similarities than I could’ve imagined. Then upon researching the rich roots of Family Worship, it hit me. They’re not similar. They’re the same.

These are just a few of the reasons I believe parents are uniquely positioned to be the best Worship Leaders, particularly in our homes. We get to define Worship for our children and here’s how:

1.We get to discuss Worship with our children.

This happens at the dinner table, during discipline, while running errands, repenting one to another, and all the spaces in between.

We don’t have to be passive and wait for questions. Jump in and be aggressive, the Enemy and the World are and will be.

For a long time, your Word will be final in your kids lives. My dad’s advice is pretty much still the end of the line for me or at least pretty close.

I learned to pray from my parents. I’m seeing my daughter do the same. God help me.

2.We get to teach them that Worship is a lifestyle of sacrifice.

We don’t have to be professors or educators to be teachers. We just need to know our “why” and be able to communicate it.

Does your life have a mission statement? Here’s a secret: it does and your kids know it.

They can repeat better than your church’s leadership can repeat the formally presented, well written, plastered everywhere vision and mission statements they’ve put together. That’s not a knock. That’s serious stuff.

Our kids KNOW us.

Let them see us build our house on the rock of Jesus. Let them see us carrying out the Great Commission. This will be caught and taught!

3.We get to talk about lyrics when we do sing together.
We get to sing together without music and when it’s uncomfortable, which tends to be precisely when it may be needed the most!

Give them the why.

There are too many benefits of singing and of remembering why we sing to list in this blog.

4. We set the tone for all of life, everyday, for every routine, for the way our children interact, for the way they see us itching to wash the feet of those to whom we have been sent, and the list continues.

I want my daughter to be a leader so that she can lead others to follow Jesus not so she can have seemed a success or a notch in my belt.

I want my daughter to know her importance comes her being the princess of the King of Kings (as cheesy add that may sound).

I want her even her priorities be a witness to all of those she ever influences.

Hey parents have to model this though.

5. We have the greatest privilege and the perfect tool for forming our children spiritually. Unfortunately, we often take advantage of the gift, we can even be habitual about putting it last, time. We get to spend tons with our kids; but just for a little while and then it really is gone.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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1 Response to JES12 – 5 Privileges That Make Parents The Best Worship Leaders

  1. ptl2010 says:

    Agree. There is nothing better than a good example and role model in the home as children learn and experience it’s not just talk but reinforced with walk that is real.
    They will copy what they see. What a privilege for parents to be their worship leaders.

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