JES14 – What I Learned Today In Children’s Church About Prayer


I sometimes serve in the children’s church department at our church. It is a blast! It can also be a blast in a negative sense. What makes it so much fun also sometimes has you limping away from a service.

The reality of children’s ministry is that the kids aren’t nearly as impressed with you as you are. If you have kids then you already know that their lack of filter doesn’t always win you over. It sometimes wins them something much different.

Total inhibition and total energy makes their adrenaline and honesty contagious.

There are many reasons it can be so tiring to work with kids. One is that they have an endless supply of energy. Another is that we too often rely on our own strength and children quickly reveal that to us.

So we must learn to pray.

I don’t mean we must learn to sound good praying. I mean that we have to become like children coming to our dad.

Who teaches us that best? Your kids do, at least for me.

This morning we talked about Creation and so the memory verse was about the beginning and God’s handiwork. Just after we repeated it together, the teacher asked for someone to pray before we sang a few songs.

Here was the little girl’s perfect little prayer. This is paraphrased, of course. I wish I had written it down then.

“Thank you God for creating everything in the world and making it good. Thank you God for making the world and us. And, and …. Thank you God.”

It was better than that and much cuter but you get the point.

Kids don’t have to be told to pray the Word. They repeat God’s promises back to Him naturally. 

Maybe, children have an innocence that really leads to sound Biblical Exposition.

Maybe they just really, truly listen. 

They’re not thinking about what it is they’ll say to impress the Father.

They’re listening to the Father.

“Thank you Father for showing us how to listen to and live by your Word from the mouths of babes. Let us raise your families in this way. Guide us and give us all of your strength. We desperately need your grace and Holy Spirit for every detail in life. Remind us of that. Whisper it in our ear when we get all frustrated and adult like. Let us hear you and then thank you. Praise you Father, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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