JES16 – Oh What A Foretaste Of Glory Divine


This post is written by my beautiful, gifted wife, Hanna. Enjoy!

I didn’t make it to church this morning so I turned on some worship music and danced & sang & worshiped Jesus with Irelyn. I was reminded of God’s love for us, how he’s there to help us deal with all of life, his desire for us, how he sits and waits for us. We sing these songs with us as the main idea. Not always a bad thing. Like “set a fire in my soul. I want more.” But today I heard this song with completely different ears.

“I want more! I want more! I want more of you! Pour it out!!”

We say we want more and we want to be this or that. But I feel like God is crying to me this morning, “Hanna!!! I want more of you! I want more!! More!!! Give me more of yourself!! Pour it out!!”

I just feel if I’m pouring myself, my time & energy and everything else I have in to God, the songs we sing about wanting more of God & needing is power in our lives would become a reality. He already gave it all. I need to give it all in return.

Just a moment I had with my precious daughter, Minnie Mouse, Elsa, some other guys and above all, my loving Father who is always yearning for more of these moments with me!

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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5 Responses to JES16 – Oh What A Foretaste Of Glory Divine

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  2. Thank you! We pour ourselves out at his feet and he fills us with Himself! He gave it ALL so we could have all our Father’s inheritance as coheirs with Christ! We give our Father glory by TAKING IT ALL and running with it and shining His Light in the world! God bless you! We only want to sing His Song to the glory of our Father!

  3. ptl2010 says:

    As we respond and give Him more of ourselves, He gives us more of Himself. We can never outgive God! Praise His wonderful name.

    Thank you Hanna for this beautiful sharing.

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