JES17 – Long Distance Family Worship


Last Sunday I was in Nicaragua with an organization called Willing To Go. We had an effective and fun trip. However, those are all stories for other blogs but I will use this one to tell you about our experiment with Long Distance Family Worship during this time.

Via Video
First of all, this idea is not original but it is much easier now to carry out. In fact, it is almost second nature to communicate via video for us through Face Time, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Periscope, Google Hangouts, and the list is growing almost daily.

My source of inspiration for this came from the story of one the late astronauts whose shuttle exploded. This astronaut left videos of himself leading his family through their regular family Worship for the 18 days he would be gone. So, that’s what I did for the seven days I was in Nicaragua.

Prayer. Story. Prayer. Our daughter is 2 and we have about 3 or less minutes to keep attention span. I tried my best to stay in that time frame to keep her engaged. It would be the little bit of time she would see me and I thought it’d be important for me to speak directly to her as much as possible. It was also important that I not eat up all the time in case her and her mommy had songs to sing or wanted to pray more or add to the story of explain something.

I do think it is good though for children to be part of Family Worship and other various formats that aren’t structured all around them. I also think we can carry both approaches to the extreme quickly. This is why I think being a Christ follower and being a parent both require a lot of flexibility.

We are blessed to have a daughter who loves praying with us a lot and so I tried to keep that as normal as it usually is. It is important for us to show her how to reveal her heart to God and listen to Him. What good have we done if we have taught her only how to wax eloquent before man and then called it prayer?!

For the story I just started from the story of the fall in the heavens, and began working through creation. We have been much more scattered with Bible stories until recently because we do not get to complete them very often. She also helps in choosing them by bringing us different books.

For You
Why am I sharing this? I want to throw this idea out there in case it is valuable to any of you in anyway. It took me very little time to make the quick videos but even if it had been a great sacrifice I think it is more than worth it. Maybe you’ll find an unforeseeable encouragement in this that has nothing to do with the experiment or form or anything.

Regardless, I hope this serves you all and your families and brings more (due) glory to God. Please share your stories! I would love to hear them. Have any of you ever participated in any long distance Family Worship?

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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