JES18 -Long Distance Family Worship: A Mother’s Prespective

This week I get to share with you a special and fresh perspective on last week’s discussion. This is the follow-up post. The videos I recorded for my family to use while I was in Nicaragua were not primarily for me but quite the opposite, for them. So it is much more truth telling and helpful to see how it all actually played out here.
Hanna has provided us with just that and a bit of encouragement. Thank for being the greatest mother. I hope this guest blog helps to a go to a lifestyle of honoring you and all that you are. Only heaven’s crown will reveal the magnitude of all that you do. Happy Mother’s Day!

A Mother’s Pespesctive
It was so awesome to me that James made family worship videos for Irelyn and me! It was nice that he was able to be a part of our day even thousands of miles away.
The videos were less than 2 minutes long but they still couldn’t keep Miss Thang’s attention for more than the greeting and prayer.
I still loved watching him tell bible stories to her even if I was the only one paying attention.
It’s never too late. Your child’s never too young. You’re never too busy to take 2 minutes a day and sing a song, say a prayer and talk about God. My daughter prayed for Daniel Tiger this morning because he was sick. She’s learning from what she sees from her daddy and me.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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  2. ptl2010 says:

    Praise God children do what they see, say what they hear and love when they are loved provided they have good parental examples. May parents who teach their children to love the Lord in their early years be rewarded with children who glorify and not shame the Lord. May the Lord forgive parents who are leading or have led their children in paths of unrighteousness. May the Lord be merciful and bring the prodigals ( parents and children) home

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