Teen’s Blog JF 19 – Your reason to complain?


More than a week ago, I had been running to and fro in the hospital to attend to my aunt who was diagnosed with peptic ulcer disease. Being the one to process important health insurance requirements, fetching laboratory results and going out purchasing the medicines were tough. I come home late at night and then have to do my work. In our public hospital setting, when you have a loved who gets admitted in the hospital, your family gets to be the one to do all the things I mentioned and since my aunt does not have a  family of her own, we get to be the ones to attend to her.

I’d say that that week was very challenging -physically, emotionally, financially and spiritually as well. In the morning, I could only get a few verses read and I have to hustle to go back to the hospital again. I acknowledge that reading the Bible at that time and meditating on the Word had only been a sort of reassurance to me that I have read a few verses that day yet the wisdom and grasping the real message of the Word to me that day was missing.

When it was time that we were told we could be discharged and that we only needed to see that her hemoglobin levels had gone up, I was told to fetch the CBC result in the laboratory department. When I got there, the clerk told me that their system had gone down and so we’ll have to wait. Honestly, I have been extremely anxious to go home and so was my aunt. In my head, I have been complaining over and over again. I felt that being there without doing anything (couldn’t bring my work there and even if I could, I’ll have no time to work since I am mostly running to and  fro)is a time not well-spent.

Then I met this woman who was also told to get her husband’s laboratory result. She told me that her husband had aplastic anemia. It is a rare disease of the bone marrow. Her husband had been transfused with 8 bags of packed RBC and platelet bags yet she said that even though her husband feels better now, they will have to go back again to the hospital once he becomes anemic again.The disease renders  a  vicious cycle of getting tranfused over and over. The doc told them that they have another option for treatment and that is for a bone marrow transplant which is very expensive.A treatment she said they could never afford. The next day, we were discharged. Before leaving, she also told me that they were advised for discharged as well.

That moment I had juxtaposed the situation we both had and realized that my reasons for complaining weren’t even half with hers to say practically but there wasn’t any tone of complaint or bitterness or that tone of unfairness  in her voice at all, rather she said salig lang ta sa Ginoo ani (we’ll just have to trust God in this) and even added that she is still very grateful to God.

Meeting that woman was an eye-opening experience for me. Sometimes it is so easy for us to complain about all the bad and wrong things that are happening around us and  forgetting to be grateful to God for every day. During the whole time, the Lord has met me with strength, wisdom, and has provided for our financial need as well.  David once said, I have been young and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread (Psalm 37:25). Indeed, our God is amazingly faithful!

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5 Responses to Teen’s Blog JF 19 – Your reason to complain?

  1. You are such a big help for your family👍🏼

  2. ptl2010 says:

    Schista, Thank you for sharing about your sacrificial service to your aunt. She is blessed to have you. Your experience of grudging patience and frustration is so common in today’s fast pace and demands. You did well learning the lesson from the woman. Praise the Lord! He remains faithful 👍 Yes!

    Thank you for your faithful contribution on ChristianBlessings despite your hectic pressure. Let the joy of the Lord continue to be be your strength.

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