JES22 – More Than Just Being There: Beyond Family Worship

What do you do when time is flying by more quickly than you feel would be safe? As parents, we’re increasingly aware of this fact. Even as aunts and uncles, we go to graduations and it feels like a dream. “We were just watching them learn to walk.”
It’s a bitter sweet reality. We know there is no hope in wishfully dreaming for time to slow. Deep down, we know it is actually best to wish for the hastening of Jesus’ return. Nevertheless, the tension remains.

The question then is, “How will we live with and within such a tension so as to seek a balanced view of the doom of time?” We can Capitalize on the moments we have with them now and Invest in every detail.
Since our quantity of time is limited, we can seek to expand our quality of time. Here’s a few practical ways we might see to it that we are positioning ourselves for success in this area:
1. Put up our devices for long periods of time and select chunks of time that are devoted to catching up with everyone else, those for whom you have not been given direct responsibility.
2. Pursue your children with the same zeal that you pursuit your spouse. That might sounds weird but I am only suggesting that we schedule regular time to spend quality time getting to know them.
3. Press “reset” by repenting regularly to your children and calling them to do the same. Do this individually and as a couple as often as needed. 
This requires more than just scheduling and intentional living; those are just the first steps. Now we have the chance to enjoy the work that it takes to be a part of helping to build something or in this cause something and someone(s) great for God’s glory.
1. For some, this will mean taking deep interest in what would naturally be totally uninteresting things to you. (i.e. Frozen)
2. Investing means time and money but mostly self. We can prepare for our special times with our kids in the same way we prepare for date nights.
3. Don’t look for an Return On Investment (ROI). Our kids and their enjoyment is that return. Look for the smiles.
Somehow those obvious signs of enjoyments create in us overwhelming enjoyment. This is part of our being created in the Image of God. Can you imagine what He says and feels when this picture is displayed as a (partial) reflection back to him?!

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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