JES24 – 3 Tips For Enjoying God With Family


Sometimes we yearn so dearly for another plight in life that this longing dominates our prayers and consequently our relationship with God. The health of every other relationship in life hinges on our walk with God. Do we long for Him and to be near Him and know Him and His Word?

Unfortunately, this problem of feeling as though we never arrive increases and grows wild like weeds. I’m not even talking about a prosperity distortion of the Gospel. Sometimes it’s there opposite. To some ears, wartime missionary mentality is almost masochistic sounding. How do we find contentment in God, alongside our family?

In every season, we can either join God through participation in His work or idly miss out. I think we are looking for a feeling. Feelings are fleeting though. Therefore, we become insatiable, stuck in perpetual discontentment.

I believe we need to redirect our focus because even appreciation and heightened emotions are weak goals.

It seems we want to appreciate the moment but maybe that’s the problem. We shouldn’t be striving to love the present. We should be striving to love the presence of God.

Schedule the Time
Say “no” or do like me and make sure you aren’t in a position that you have to say no.

Make God then family your priorities.

Do a time audit and readjust.

Guard the Time
Cut your own umbilical cord to instant technology.

Don’t pressure yourself or your family to make it “quality” time. This is hard for me but if I find a trick I’ll tell you.

Make sure listening is a priority.

Be Students of Joy
Learn from your spouse and your kids. What makes them happy? Study them.

Become a biblical scholar on the subject (JOY), especially if you struggle with it.

Practice enjoying what they enjoy.

Avoid the temptation of guilt for the pleasures He freely and joyfully gives!




About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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