Friday Fictioneers – “Zao”

Jesus said “Come” to the waters and drink. Praying more will come and not step back from the springs of living water.

The Artistic Christian


We found the man crumpled in the sand. After days of stumbling across the desert, his eyes were dim from sun blindness, his skin parched and peeling.

“Let me help you,” I said, offering my flask. “Let me tell you about Jesus. Drink His water and you’ll never thirst again…”

The man flung the precious flask to the ground . “I don’t need your water… or your Savior!” he spat. And, as we watched in horror, he took off across the blazing dunes, determined to follow his own blind path.

We wept – Jesus and I – as we watched him go.



The Greek word “zao” means “to have abundant life,” and is the word Jesus used when He told the Samaritan woman that she could have Living Water (John 4:14).


Photo Credit:  Madison Woods, used with permission

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