Headed for the Land of Enchantment!

What a great thought – we walk confidently into the future, our hand in the Father’s because we prayed and He heard our prayers. Amen

The Artistic Christian

New Mexico Mountains

“You don’t need to seek opportunity. All you have to do is seek God.

And if you seek God, opportunity will seek you.”

Mark Batterson – Draw the Circle: 40 Day Prayer Challenge


On Friday of this week I will walk the stage and proudly accept my second master’s diploma, officially completing my journey through seminary. When the Lord called me to go back to graduate school and prepare to be a pastor back in 2012, it felt like a huge leap of faith. But as soon as I obeyed His voice, He began to confirm again and again that I was on the right path.

As I neared the end of my degree in Pastoral Leadership, my mind was filled with questions. Will I be able to find a church position? Where will we live? What will happen to our family? I began sending out resumes, and many…

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