We prayed and are praying for you – Louisiana and victims of the floods

I watched on TV, how the victims and volunteers helped each other in rescue, encouragement, sustenance and serenity. Do we love one another as they love one another?
So many look serene despite devastating loss of life assets and savings, accepting their losses and hanging with faith in our loving God. When push comes to shove is our faith strong enough as our refuge and strength?
The hope and trust in one another and God for supply of future needs to rebuild is awesome. What will be your reaction if you lost every worldly good you have? Will it destroy you?
The house of faith is strong as Christians all over the country send cash and supplies to their credit. Praise the Lord! His name is being glorified.

On August 17 we requested prayer

” May the Lord be near with His peace and love, through neighbours and those providing help of every form to the victims, reaching out in compassion.

May faith stand strong and the Lord’s faithfulness as refuge and strength be glorified. Amen.”

We continue to pray the same and thank God that all things will work out for  good to them that love the Lord. It will be difficult, hurtful and hurting. It will be times of doubt but also a time of generosity, kindness and love.

Hang in there brothers and sisters. Help is coming through faith, family and friends. Amen.

Awesome – God is supplying,  saving, sustaining and strengthening lives in Him. Amen and we praise Him for His faithfulness, grace and mercy.

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