JES33 – Using Netflix With Family Worship

This recent story unexpectedly taught me a few valuable things. I learned some things from God and my daughter about parenting, about television and about family worship. I’m not trying to put a pretty Christian bow on this real life story by extracting a true moral lesson from an actual valuable family conversation. However, because I was unexpectedly blessed with this lesson I want it to be a blessing.
The end goal has to be in mind. This story gave me clarity on just how the two (Netflix or TV and Family Worship) can work together rather than against each other.

First of all, they both should be driven by a goal. You may be thinking this is obvious and you’re right, it is. The problem is we quickly forget it.
We forget it like we forget the grace we’ve been shown/given. When we are crying out for help it is obvious that God would condescend to help us to even use others in the family of God to meet our needs whatever the nature. However, one week, one hour of relief and we become the pious passerby from the Good Samaritan parable. Then this new victim’s plight is their fault entirely and somehow a “distraction” to our righteous activities. They are reaping what they’ve sown.
We forget just like this when it comes to family worship. We forget the importance. We forget the discipline. We forget that it won’t be perfect and that we’re the main barriers to its effectiveness.
We forget that despite all of that, God choses and is delighted in choosing us anyway.
The same way that the end goal of family worship ought to be the glory of God through the discipleship of an entire family, so ought to be our times of entertainment. No I’m not talking about spiritualizing every detail of our lives. On the contrary, every detail is already filled with the Spirit of the living God, if He resides us.
Therefore, take control of your entertainment. Do not become it’s entertainment.
Let it be done as all things are to be done, “as unto the Lord.” Parents and families should think through and articulate their own goals in their rest, replenishment, entertainment, all of that, altogether.
Time shouldn’t be taken for granted. We don’t have any garauntee of tomorrow. That’s all the more reason to take everything above this to heart and let it affect our actions.
The Story
My daughter and I were watching a Netflix documentary series about the wildlife of a particular country. This is a country with many unreached and unengaged, unreached people groups. This is a place over which I have been serious praying, a place about which which I am learning to become a better student for the glory of God.
As we were both enthralled by the program, especially the monkeys screaming, warning each other about a snake, Irelyn starts asking questions. She asks where the main characters keep going. Each new scene follows new creatures in new territories. she asks, “Where they goin’ right thay, daddy?” I try to give real explanations like “I don’t know.” or “Away.” The narration wasn’t much help, guys.
At one point I mentioned that her daddy might be going there. She asked why. I told her that a lot of the people there haven’t even heard of Jesus.
She repeated back to me my reason for potentially going and then retorted, ” I not going.”
I replied this story to my wife and she comes in again with her punchline. Mommy cheered inside.
This is an example of why we can’t see modern conveniences and luxuries (including the mighty social media) as evil or hindrances. We determine how they work for our family.
  • Will we watch television in lieu of family worship time?
  • Will we be open to to understanding the importance of the conversations which things like Netflix can afford us?
  • Will we thank God for these types of moments.
I’d love to read your stories. Are there any similar moments you would like to share? Please do so in the comments section below.

About James Edward Sharp

I am a Christian husband, father, musician, writer and teacher. My focuses in life are family, missions, worship and music.
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