Not 94 today – Dad is in heaven!

Dad would be 94 today and we would have a birthday celebration for him. Now he is fortunately with Jesus and in better company.

There  are mom and grandmas,  grandpa, aunts and uncles and many friends  he led to Christ. They all entered glory before he did and awaited his arrival.

We  thank God for his long life and faithful testimony to the end. We are glad he is in a better peaceful place than  on chaotic earth.

We thank God there is no more suffering, pain or tears for him and he is relieved from imprisonment in a mortal decaying body. He’s no more dust but immortal.

It won’t be long when we shall see him as the signs of the time evidence that the rapture will be soon, even as the earth groans for its ending.

Praise the Lord we celebrated his lift off to glory on 22 January, 2016 by the grace and mercy of the Lord!

So long dad we will see you in the morning! What a day that will be!

Thank You Lord Jesus, for Your hand on Dad from his birth on earth till he turned up in glory to see You face to face. Thank You for Your blessings on Dad just as You promised. Hallelujah!

We glorify Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior

ptl2010 and the Goh and Tan teams

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3 Responses to Not 94 today – Dad is in heaven!

  1. Thankful he’s in Heaven and you will get to see him again! My only comfort when I lost my dear uncle and childhood hero. Blessings, Crystal

  2. rickroehm says:

    Name written in the Lamb’s book of life. Someday we will all meet on the happy golden shore. Best regards in Jesus’ name.

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