TT66:Family’s Leisure


Hywell received a treat from the Union Bank tellers. His hand was then filled with candies as the customer who handed him those treats asked him, “What will you say?” I heard him shyly answered, “Thank you!”

A few minutes more and I was the one who’s in front the teller receiving a check. My salary for fifteen days of work. Just like Hywell, I also can’t contain my happiness.

Looking back, it’s been a really hard time for all of us. We transferred here in Manila full of hope, dreams, and aspiration. But after just one month, right after we’ve settled here, got our apartment and enrolled the children to their new school… my husband got fired from work.

That leads me to find a job. Me, who knows nothing but took care of my children for over eleven years. But yes, I tried, with all my guts to apply for work, been interviewed, undergone tedious trainings and with the help of God… barely passed.

The first salary was too small to even pay our bills. Thanks to the help of a Christian friend from Singapore who reaches to us and gave us more than enough.  That made us survived for another month.

And then… another problem came between us of my husband. I was again shaken that I almost wanted to get away with him. My heart sank with too much disappointment to this person who happened to be my husband. But what must I do?

Added to this, my eldest child flank in school. To think that he is the only reason why we are still surviving because we want him to finish his studies here. It would be hard for us to transfer him back to his old school in the province.

The hardest thing is I had to carry all of these problems all by myself while I am wrestling with the pressure on the job. There are moments when I need to pretend “I am okay!” in front of my colleagues. But there were times also when I have to breakdown.

And now is the time to set aside all of the problems and just enjoy the fruit of my labor.

You may read the whole post in “The Arty Momma” here.

About Jennifer

I am Jennifer, a Christian from the Philippines, a mother of two young boys, a wife, a lover of Jesus, a blogger, a writer, a self-made artist, a journaler, a coffee & doodles lover, and sometimes a poet by heart. Hey there, friend! I'm so thrilled you stopped by! I love working to be a purposeful stay-at-home mom and I wish to help others do the same. Welcome here!
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