TT68: Pagbibiro (Humor)

312hMatiyaga akong naglakad sa Market-market para maghanap ng aklat about humor. Matagal ko ng pinag-aaralan kung paano ako makakapagsulat na hindi heavy-drama even if about Christianity ang tema.

What made me think of this is because it works in so many ways and my kind of writing just sucks! I even tried it while I am talking to one of my customer and I found out that it works, too.

Why humor works? It’s because it lightens our lives. We’re now living in a very stressful world. Our jobs, our relationships, our everyday lives just seemed so burdenful  and once we heard or were able to talk to someone who make us smile, napapagaan ang ating mga damdamin.

It’s true, inisa-isa ko ang mga bookstore because gusto kong matutunan kung paano kita mapapatawa or kahit man lang paano ko mapapatawa ang aking sarili. I even searched a lot of blogs that will make me chuckle just to learn the art of making others smile… or laugh.

Tama ba ito? Is this right ba for a Christian?

Let’s see sa Proverbds 17:22

A joyful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.

Proverbs 15:13

A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.

See, God will never create laughter for nothing and this is not forbidden for us, Christians. There are of course a lot of restrsictions like not using the name of the Lord in vain or vain babblings. Still, humor in the right way is good and it is healing.

“Humor is one language that everyone can understand. It breaks down barriers between people. If you can share a laugh with someone, you’ve connected with that person. The defenses come down, and there’s a desire to continue the dialog. And secondly, humor is ‘laughing gas’. You’re not going to stay in the dentist’s chair and allow him or her to drill away on a root canal unless you’re hopped up with plenty of anesthetic. So humor is the laughing gas that allows us to drill away at the abscessed areas of another person’s life.” – Jim Watkins

So, let’s not waste our gift of humor and let’s not stop learning this art.

Making someone smile is a gift… the best gift we can give to the weary souls.


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I am Jennifer, a Christian from the Philippines, a mother of two young boys, a wife, a lover of Jesus, a blogger, a writer, a self-made artist, a journaler, a coffee & doodles lover, and sometimes a poet by heart. Hey there, friend! I'm so thrilled you stopped by! I love working to be a purposeful stay-at-home mom and I wish to help others do the same. Welcome here!
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