Mighty God

In the year 63 BC, a tiny baby named Octavius was born into a prestigious family that lived in a small town outside of Rome. Eventually, the child grew and gained respect when he became the adopted son of Julius Caesar. The young man, renamed Augustus, trained to become an expert warrior.

Caesar Augustus

Caesar Augustus

When the elder Caesar was assassinated, this capable leader used his prowess on the battlefield to defeat aggressors who fought him over control of Rome. Once firmly in charge, he used his military expertise and civil vision to bring stability to the fledgling republic and transformed it into a vast empire that would bring peace to most of Western Europe for two centuries and continue to exist in some form for over a thousand years. Given his strength, foresight and reputation, virtually everyone living at that time would have agreed that the future of the world was shaped and controlled by Caesar Augustus.

But they were wrong.

That’s because the world was actually being shaped… and eventually transformed… by a tiny baby born just outside the insignificant town of Bethlehem. The man this baby would grow to be wouldn’t command authority through traditional might, strength or manipulation. His rule would be ushered in through humility, sacrifice and a servant’s heart that would impact the destiny of all people forever.

Today, it’s easy to see many influential and powerful people that seem to be shaping and controlling the world around us, but the message of the Christmas story is the same now as it was thousands of years ago…

“For to us a child is born,
to us a son is given,
 and the government will be on his shoulders.
And he will be called
 Wonderful Counselor
Mighty God

Believers in Christ don’t need to fear the strength and might of any human being. Though for a period, some in this world may wield temporary power, true enduring authority lies only in with the One who was able to triumph over death and the grave.

wpid-wp-1431346923761Sin was no match for Him.

Satan could not subdue Him.

The grave could not hold Him.

And that means that you can be assured and at rest, knowing that whatever you face today, individually or globally, all things are completely under the authority and power of your all loving Mighty God, Jesus Christ.


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