Ten point Spiritual Examination

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Ten Point Spiritual Self Examination

Revivalist John Wesley made a habit of asking questions to stimulate spiritual growth. Depending on the list there were either 21 or 22 standard questions. These questions were designed to spur reflection and personal examination of the spiritual issues.

The following Ten Point Spiritual Self Examination is a collection of questions to end the 2016 calendar year.

1. Am I closer to God now than January 1st 2016?

If yes, what are you doing to keep growing in 2017?

Spiritual growth is not static or still. To keep growing, we must be willing to continue to put an effort into spiritual disciplines.

* Worship
* Bible reading
* Prayer:
Who are you praying for?
What are you praying for?
How are you praying?
How often are you praying?
* Service:
What are you doing for God on a monthly, weekly and daily basis?

If no, what do you need to do to solve the problem?

2. Am I a slave to anything?

* Habits
* Work
* Possessions
* What owns you?

3. Am I overwhelmed by any area of life?

When we are overwhelmed by situations or circumstances it impacts our spiritual life. These are usually matters that should be handled with great prayer.

* Being overwhelmed limits our ability to sense Gods presence
* Being overwhelmed limits our ability to trust God’s provision
* Being overwhelmed limits our ability to experience God’s peace

4. Does the Bible live in me?

* Do I give time for the Bible to speak to me?

Allowing the Word of God to speak into our lives is the best way to let it live in us. Knowing scripture is not enough, we must apply it to our lives and live it out.

5. Is there something that God has told me to do that I am not doing?

* What needs to be resolved? What steps need to be taken to bring to obedience?

6. Do I enjoy my relationship with God?

* How is this joy growing?
* How is my heart impacted by God’s joy growing in me?

7. Am I financially faithful to God?

Financial faithfulness is more than just putting something in the offering plate as it goes by. Financial faithfulness is being obedient to God in the matters of money. Being financially faithful to God has less to do with money and more to do with the heart.

– Am I robbing God?

Other financial questions:
What do I earn?
What do I own?
What do I owe?
What do I give?
8. Who has hurt me over the past year?

Everyone deals with hurts and pains, especially those that flow from relationship problems.
* Whom have I hurt over the past year?
* Who do I need to forgive?
* Whose forgiveness do I need to seek?
Forgiveness is the first step to healing the pains of the past. The moment that we make the choice to forgive those who have wronged us, we begin to heal.

9. What were my priorities in 2016?

Think about how you spent your time and money. The calendar and the checkbook are two good sources of determining what our priorities were.
* Where do I need to invest my time?
* What priorities do I need to change for 2017?

10. What situation or circumstance am I dwelling on?

* What has caused me the most stress during 2016?
* What needs to change to reduce this stress in 2017?

Take a reincheck

Take appropriate action to move forward in the Lord.


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