Teen’s Blog JF 24- Wanting God like a child


This happened last Sunday. After church service, a few of our  members gathered around and talked about what went on throughout the week. It was fun talking about different things. There’s a couple in our church who has 3 children, both I look up to as my older brother and sister in the Lord. Their second child, a girl about the age of 3 was clinging tightly to her mom. While I know that I wasn’t being the nicest person to this child, I thought about teasing her a little bit. I stood next to her dad who was about a few feet away and called on her, “He’s mine. I’m taking your dad home.” I tried to stay close to her dad who was fixing the microphone and the projector at that moment. This kid looked at me  intently. I prodded her more. I held a piece of his dad’s shirt telling her I’m leaving with her dad. Her look suddenly turned into a blank stare and her eyes immediately swelled with tears and she cried. For the second time,  I tried teasing her again. This time, I hugged her mom and told her I’ll take her mom home with me. I got the very same reaction from her. She cried hard thinking that I was going to take her mom away from her. It was all fun and games for us. We were all having a good laugh. Even the child smiled right after we told her we were just kidding around.

Later that day, a thought rushed in my head. “How good would it be to have that child’s reaction when it comes to our faith.” She cried when she was told that her dad or her mom would be taken away from her. But what about us? How would it be for us if we have the same thought about God? If God’s going to be taken away from me, would I scream and cry that hard? Would I want to be that close to God that I wouldn’t want anyone coming in between us? I knew that from that child’s eyes, she didn’t want anybody coming in between her and her parents, no matter who it was. Have we gone to the point where we really battled against all the things that keep us from spending more time with God? I admit that for most times, I don’t dwell with those thoughts with God. Most times, I take Him for granted. I got my relationship with Him in automatic. I’ll wake up in the morning and read the Word for a few minutes then go on with the day. Before sleeping, take a few minutes to read the Word again and then sleep. If this is all the measure of being a child of the Most High, doing “Christian things” but not really savoring and enjoying the relationship the Father has reconciled us with as His child, through Jesus Christ death on the cross, isn’t it that I am still missing so much in this Father-daughter relationship?

The Bible says, “draw near to God and He will draw near [us]” (James 4:8). Our relationship as children of the Heavenly Father is something we never should take for granted nor this be a relationship we just place aside and go back to when life is hurling trials and problems at us. He is calling us to spend time with Him. He wants us to spend time with Him. Have you got time today?

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1 Response to Teen’s Blog JF 24- Wanting God like a child

  1. ptl2010 says:

    The Lord Jesus wants us to be close to Him,
    as our Protector from all the evil that surrounds us,
    and as the enemy, like a roaring lion seeks whom he may devour.

    Let us remain close to the Lord for our sake.

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