Dim Sum – How can I thank my Lord for 72 years of Your faithfulness?

Luke 19:40 :
And he answered and said to them, I tell you that, if these should hold their peace, the stones would immediately cry out.

Words are insufficient to praise and thank my Lord Jesus for His faithfulness, mercy and grace

Being born in one of the most peaceful and blessed nations of the world – Singapore
For being raised in a loving Christian family, for parents who role-modelled the ways of the Lord and in being in His service and now for supportive extended family who love and serve the Lord.
Armed with the best education one could long for in my generation
With jobs and church assignments around the world, that provided professional and personal challenges, opportunities, accomplishments,
Developing  in His empowerment,  physical, spiritual, mental and social balance
In the family of God, among foes and competition
That minimized on the whole, the pressures of life on me.

He said “Come unto Me all you who are heavy burdened”
“I will supply all your needs”

Thank You Lord Jesus for providing for my salvation
For paying the penalty for my sins
For healing from sin’s ravages and my soul’s despair

For eternal love,  joy, hope, peace
Indeed, All that I need.

Praise You Lord Jesus,
Your plans are forever for my good.
Be it up on the mountaintops or in the valleys
Your thoughts and ways are higher than mine
You know all, everything and the best is yet to come!

With the hope of Your soon return,  it will be my privilege to serve and praise  You, my Lord Jesus, the rest of my days on earth and throughout eternity.

All glory to my wonderful Lord Jesus. Amen.


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