The One Difference Between Songs of Worship & Secular Music

Sing a new song to the Lord

The Artistic Christian

Sacred Chant

During our “snack break” in a preaching class last night, an Asian gentleman said, “You’re a worship leader.  Can you tell me, what is the difference between Christian music and secular music?”

Now that woke me up!

Seriously.  I really had to think about that one.  Throughout history, each generation has held a certain collection of songs to be “more holy” or “more spiritual” than others.  During the Middle Ages the Church condoned only the use of Latin Chant; during the Reformation church-goers would sing Lutheran Chorales;  a few decades ago Christian people would swear up and down that their Modern Hymnals were sacred writings; and today we have split congregations right down the middle –  half of the church firmly believes that hymns are still the “most holy” music, while the other half believes just as firmly that the hymns are “dead” and that more recent praise music is…

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