Spiritually Growing by Knowing Him That Is from the Beginning

Immortality Road

The apostle John addresses his first letter to children, young men, and fathers in Christ. These represent the three levels of Christian growth. “Fathers” here represent Christians like Peter, James, John, and Paul, who knew God up close and personal. In fact, John is writing to them “because you have known Him that is from the beginning.” These were capable of fathering others in the gospel, and he wrote to them for one reason: “Because you have known Him that is from the beginning” (I John 2: 13-14).

Furthermore, speaking of Christ, the apostle John tells us that he and the other apostles have heard Him speak, and “have seen with our eyes,” and “we have looked upon” Him, and “our hands have handled” Him. John’s testimony is that they with their senses heard, saw, observed,  and touched Christ some 2,000 years ago. And this Christ that they walked with…

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About wayneman

After high school, Kenneth Wayne Hancock enlisted in the Army, serving in a MASH hospital in Quang Tri, Vietnam during the Tet Offensive of January 1968. When he got out of the Army, he settled in Concord, Calif. and married Linda. He was an everyday drug user for three years, playing in rock bands, and yet still searching for the truth and the meaning to life. It was there that it was shown to him that the old self had to die. This led to an amazing conversion to Christ that would lead them to a 14 year stint as full time missionaries to Mexico and Ecuador. He also went on an expedition to Mt. Ararat, Turkey, in search for Noah's Ark. He has appeared on television many times speaking of his experiences. He is the author of two books, "The Unveiling of the Sons of God" and "Yah Is Savior: The Road to Immortality." He has also published short fiction and poetry. He currently is an Adjunct Instructor at two universities.
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