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“I bless the Lord who is worthy to be praise and in His Word my hope secures.”

In the last few weeks, I have been sharing about my experiences in looking for an employment. Honestly, it is tough -because waiting is something I am not good at and I am constantly worrying about the bills that need to be paid, and many more others. There had been offers for sure, but those are not the ones I am asking from the Lord. For the past weeks and months, I haven’t heard from Him -yet. I continue to believe that the Lord will answer my request as He is a rewarder of those who truly seek His face.

A good friend of mine told me I shouldn’t be too picky. Coming out from a three-year online work setting, landing a job locally is not easy. She advised, “Just take whatever job there is and if you don’t like it then find something else.” As much as I appreciate her advise, the thought of working just to “have a job” and leaving if you don’t want it anymore is not something I would consider. I believe that working is not supposed to be a means to have money to pay your bills but also one thing you do that serves a purpose to people and to God’s glory.  In an interview I had about a few weeks ago, the interviewer asked me, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” I told him, I’d love to be able to save up and do volunteer work. His reaction was that of surprised and prodded me why I wanted to do volunteering. He said, there are far more better job opportunities out there and that I should consider those than volunteering.

I’m not just being picky. If the Lord calls me to do a job that doesn’t even pay as much as I think I was paid before, I will do it wholeheartedly. If there is one thing I am grateful to the Lord for, it is that He has impressed on my heart that money isn’t the answer to everything nor that provision and security is about having money in the bank. Too often, we overly complicate our lives with chasing after things that does not even hold any value in the end. I have gotten so many advises like; find a job that pays well. It doesn’t matter if you like it really as long as you have money. But it didn’t stop there, I was even told to just get married to someone who has money. To all of that, I say NO!!!

The struggle to reach that place of comfort and ease isn’t easy but the Lord has always provided for my needs. The Lord has been graciously teaching me patience, contentment and dependence on Him. Searching my heart, there had been times that I feel scared and discouraged as to what might come next or questions and doubts as to how long will these trials last. However, I know that it is a greater blessing to my soul Jesus’ word on Matthew 16:25. I pray that for everyday that the Lord has given me another moment to live on this planet, He gets to be pleased with the life I am living. I hope that His glory may be the source of our outmost joys in life!




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