Maranatha – What will Christ do at the Second Coming?

May the Lord help us see that Christ has gone before us in these experiences of death and judgment and that his experience of them is so powerful that when we have to walk through death and judgment, those experiences will be radically different because of Christ. The point here is to magnify Christ, and by that magnificence to unleash confident and courageous Christians in the world for his glory.

Dr John Piper discusses in the following paper a very important subject which affirms the hope we have in Christ Jesus our Lord.


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7 Responses to Maranatha – What will Christ do at the Second Coming?

  1. rickroehm says:

    Christians are judged righteous in this life. They will escape future Judgment one two ways. 1. Heaven, 2. The Rapture. Sinners on the other hand will not escape Judgment. 1. They will die in sin and go to Hell. 2. They will miss the Rapture. 3. If they make through the Great Tribulation they will face Divine Judgment on Earth when Christ returns a second time – with vengeance just before Thy Kingdom comes.

  2. In addition despite scripture about a Second Coming if we embrace the Holy Spirit and accept His invitation He is already in our midst so what purpose is a Second Coming if already here ? Paul says we are already united in Christ through baptism. He says we are further united in Christ through our own suffering in this life. And are we not judged during our living and after our death before this Second Coming ?

    • rickroehm says:

      Carl nice hearing. Members of the body of Christ are judged righteous in this life. They are good trees that produce good fruit. the church escapes the Great Tribulation in the rapture. Seven years of tribulation rains on Earth and then comes the second coming of Christ. That judgment is for all those that rejected Christ the dead in Christ, and those that died during the tribulation. The church and all the saints return with Christ after that judgement. Thank you for responding I hope this helps. God bless

  3. The essay omits 2 important points og Paul that present contrary understanding to original sin yet in other scriptures he condemns man’s sinful nature. . Paul says that God plans that sin will enter the world because without sin there is no need to be redeemed. Without sin there is no need to be reconciled through Christ. Without sin there is not way for God to express his mercy and forgiveness.

    For me this creates a big problem in that I ask “Is man responsible for sin or is God?” Sin is part of God’s plan.

    Paul also attempts to convince the Jews that Christ comes to free us from the Law (not t sin) for redemption must come through faith and His blood not the Covenant of Mosaic Law but through New Covenant through Christ and faith. So it is not a matter of merely being redeemed from sin.

    • rickroehm says:

      Carl man inherited the original sin. Only Christ or God’s grace can get rid of such. At the age of accountability man is accountable for sin. Confession of sin will grant forgiveness but never will it eliminate the inheritance in nature. Only the operation of God’s grace can rid man of such. God did not create sin. Sin is an evil against God. And that is the reason why we have a savior. Responsibility is ours in this life. The preaching of the Gospel is what convicts the sinner. At any point in life the spirit of God can break the sinner to a place of repentance. Thus believe in a savior can bring Salvation to the human soul. Hope this helps God bless Rick

      • I understand . I will bookmark and reply soon after I review my annotations from Paul where he suggests the things in my first paragraph. It is so contradictory to what you point out and I find it troublesome because I agree with you and in many other places Paul affirms what you have said yet contradicts this in saying that sin is part of God’s plan for redemption. I look at original sin as perhaps not only sin or evil composed by man but our inability to be complete without Christ. I know I am incomplete without all the theology and explanations about sin. Some have suggested that it is not God that kicks man out of the allegorical garden but man who has kicked God out of the Garden and the initiation of this separation or rejection is what we call original sin.

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