25 Songs of Christmas #10 All I Want For Christmas

I want to see Jesus this Christmas. What about you?


All I want for Christmas is…

How would you answer this question. I know, I know, if we are asked this we all tend to give some noble answer. I want peace on earth good will to men. I want our troops to come home. I want to be able to end hunger. Or extreme poverty. Or everyone to have access to clean drinking water. Or… yah, yah, yah.

Sometimes we answer it sarcastically. I just some peace and quiet in this house for just one day. Is that too much to ask? I want him to finally remember our anniversary and do something nice for a change. (Don’t ask the impossible) I want my kids to get along with each other. (like I said…) I want my mother in law to not be able to make it to the Christmas reunion this year. I want crazy Uncle Jack to…

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Jesus Christ is coming soon
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