25 Songs of Christmas #11 Precious Lamb of God

Jesus Christ is the reason for this season.


For the past couple songs, we have talked about gifts. We talked about the gifts we do and should give. We talked about the gifts we desire. Well, it wouldn’t be Christmas without talking about the greatest gift of all. Like I said at the end of yesterday, that gift came wrapped in swaddling cloth and lying in a manger.

Any truly great gift is not just precious and valuable but also necessary. So to share the value of this gift we would first need to go thousands of years further into the past. It all began in a garden. Out of the dust of the ground, God shaped the greatest of His acts of creation. He then breathed life into his creation and gave him a name: man (Adam/איש). From this man, God then created woman. Of both, God said, “It is very good.” In both God had placed his…

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Jesus Christ is coming soon
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