25 Songs of Christmas #20 Joseph’s Lullaby

Although impossible it is possible with God. His ways and thoughts are higher than ours.


“You’re girlfriend’s pregnant.” How would you respond if a friend of your’s called you up and dropped that bomb? “I’ve heard that rumor from a couple different people now and I just wanted to make sure you heard it from a friend before some idiot tries to hurt you with it.” Can you picture yourself having that conversation? Now imagine with me a little further. You know for a fact that you haven’t touched her. OK, so you might have kissed the girl once or twice, but it never went much beyond that. There were no hot and heavy sessions and certainly nothing was ever unzipped. You haven’t even had any nights where you were drunk enough to have no recollection the next morning. You aren’t like that and you thought she wasn’t either. Obviously, this is just a vicious rumor.

You are still thinking about how you are going…

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