May 1 – The Price of a Little Peace and Quiet

Teach me Lord, with discernment and grace, to do Your will. Amen.


So she cried whenever she was with him and kept it up for the rest of the celebration. At last, on the seventh day he told her the answer because she was tormenting him with her nagging. Then she explained the riddle to the young men.
(Judges 14:17)

Read: Judges 13:1-14:20, John 1:29-51, Psalm 102:1-28, Proverbs 14:15-16 

Relate: Did you have certain chores growing up? What were some of the tasks you were required to do in the family? Were there any specific tasks you hated more than others? For me, there was one task I loathed beyond reasonable comprehension. It was not because of the chore itself but because of the constant nagging that went along with it. I was responsible for keeping the downstairs bathroom and living room clean. In the Syracuse days, we had a garden and I had the responsibility of weeding it. I had to…

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