May 30 – What Is Truth

Let Truth be revealed among and in us we pray. Jesus Christ – the Way, the Truth and the Life. Amen.



“What is truth?” Pilate asked. (John 18:38)

Read: 2 Samuel 15:23-16:23, John 18:25-19:22, Psalm 119:113-128, Proverbs 16:10-11 

Relate: Breakfast had been ruined. True, it was not the most lavish of meals but I enjoyed having a bit of emmer with honey along with some figs and wine in the cool of the day. Breakfast was my moment of peace before the world interrupts. Today the world interrupted too early. These pesky religious leaders led a band of rioters to my doorstep that I might pronounce judgment on some criminal they managed to catch. These so-called priests are quite fine with criminals running around causing trouble, just so long as they are their criminals. Apparently this guy got on their wrong side. So much for breakfast.

Two guards escorted a man who looked already a bit beaten and disheveled. By appearances, he hadn’t slept and his Jewish captors already have…

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