ChristianBlessings is 8 today

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness.

The Lord has enlarged our vision to children’s ministry in Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan and we thank  Him for His supply of people who love  and serve Him and who continue to financially support the children’s ministry.

The hills of Pokhara  Nepal are alive with the gospel and gospel songs where four children’s tuition centres at four  hillside villages have been set up,   and two  church building projects completed. Parents hearts are touched with the Christian love shared at the tuition centres and several families have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior. Many who were against Christ are now paying attention to what is happening at the tuition centres as their children learn to excel in their studies and  learn about love of Christ. Glory to God.  Thank God for two brothers who returned to their home village to share the gospel. They are self supporting from the goats we invested in.

We thank God for the teachers and local pastors who faithfully teach the Word.

In Pakistan,  our ministry is to orphan and slum children. They are sponsored a meal a day and taught the Word of God. This year we provided them with clean water filter. We pray that as they grow the children will come to know the Lord personally and grow in the knowledge and fear of the Lord.

In Myanmar,  we partially support four children’s centres in faith and kind  – for orphans, local pastors’ children and others who live too far from local schools. They have experienced the faithfulness of God this year, even as one child drowned in the river, another was delivered to glory from 15 years of bed-ridden sickness and yet another was healed of brain cancer. It is through the tough times that the children  have felt the Lord closest to them. We thank God for the many teachers and helpers who sacrifice much for the children.

Please pray along with us as we continue the ministry among the children.

We have initiated WhatsApp chat to share our Nuggets from the Institute of Creation Research  to a local group of believers and non-believers. At around 6.15 am each morning the Nuggets are released to a group of 50 friends. Praise God if we do not bless all everyday, our prayer is that at least one person a day is receiving the help and encouragement needed in the struggle  for faith and against the enemy and his works.

Let us faithfully share the Word and live our lives as examples of followers  and children of Christ Jesus our  Father and Lord.

We thank God for faithful ChristianBlessings Contributors and readers,  and pray that hearts are blessed each day through the Word and blogs that are shared here at ChristianBlessings. Let us be prepared for His coming.

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