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Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

It was the first day of school. Eli  had a big breakfast of bacon and eggs, brushed his teeth, and had put on his new shirt, compliments of grandma, then strapped on his empty backpack. Soon it would be full of books and tablets, and pencils, and things he probably never use. but a full backpack is a good one, he mused.

He thought, secretly,’ It’s about time’;  for summer had run it’s course. Off he went to catch the bus full of exited middle schooler’s with new shirts and equally empty backpacks.

He had been reminded by his mom  “to smile, say yes mam, and thank you. And, don’t take anything at lunch that you are not going to eat”.  That had certainly been his plan ever since he was born……she should know that,  but she had been his mom ever since he was little ; and, she had…

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