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Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

It was a very, very warm day and the boys; Ted, Roy, and Eli were were walking toward town. They had crossed the ball field and were rounding the end of the street near the post office. In the last  space, near the sidewalk, was an old truck with a small dog barking at the closed window. As the started to pass by,  he lunged at the window and fell back into the seat.

Roy said; “There’s something wrong with that dog. Did you see him?”  Ted responded, “Yea what of it? He’s just trying to get our attention.”

“Wait a minute!” Eli countered,”Look at him!”……as he pressed his nose to the glass.”He looks like he is dead or somethin'” as he grabbed the door handle.”It’s locked, ” he complained, as he pulled hard on it.

The other boys rushed to the other side, and found it also locked.


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