The Lord has a plan for each of our lives. Sometimes it is through our dreams that we realise the fulfillment of the plan.

Grandpa's Stories for Young Boys

Some of you may have wondered; “What’s this, with just stories about boys?” So, in the recognition of the off-times better half, you should know that I can do girls, as a matter of fact we have a couple of our own.

I submit the following story with the suggestion that; while each of their their behavior patterns are often very much different, as well as their objectives; they enjoy the very same  amazing vehicle to form their  life’s plan for getting there;

God’s grace.

The story is as follows;

The morning sun had begun to creep up the covers of Mindy’s bed, when she remembered this could not be a sleep-in Saturday, but that she had an important plan for both her and her pal Winkleman . She was soon to find that he had already sensed something was up, and his tail was thumping the night stand, and…

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