Violence for and against the Kingdom: Matthew 11

Lord Jesus, please help us be the force that brings the gospel to the needy. Amen.

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This post continues a year of reading and blogging through the Bible, beginning with the New Testament. You can find a link to this reading plan here. Old Testament reading and posts will begin on January 1.


Today’s reading: Matthew 11-12.

Oh, my brethren, what we want today in the churches is violence, not violence against each other, but violence against death, and hell, against the hardness of other men’s hearts, and against the sleepiness of our own. – Charles Spurgeon

Some Bible verses stump even the experts, and today’s passage includes one of them. I’m no expert, but after reading and meditating on these few words I appreciate the difficulty of understanding them. Jesus is talking about John the Baptist when he makes a comment about the kingdom of heaven.

“I tell you the truth: Among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than…

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1 Response to Violence for and against the Kingdom: Matthew 11

  1. Like the one sentence prayer. In Bible study a while back the minister suggested that the Elect or Chosen are not the ones going to heaven but the ones to spread His Gospel and deliver God’s blessing to the world as the prayer beseeches.

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