Clean and unclean: Matthew 15

The Lord looks on your heart – is it clean or unclean?

Bible in a Year Blog

This post continues a year of reading and blogging through the Bible, beginning with the New Testament. You can find a link to this reading plan here. Old Testament reading and posts will begin on January 1.


Today’s reading: Matthew 15-17.

“Was Jesus ignoring the Mosaic Law when he said unwashed hands didn’t make a man ‘unclean’?

First, a bit of review. The Old Testament laws were designed to allow an unholy people to come into the presence of the Holy God. The holy was separated from the common, and the common could be further divided into things that were clean and unclean. Unclean things or people could be purified, and made clean, but they had to be sanctified in order to become holy rather than common. Only the priests went through the consecration to become holy and serve in God’s house.

Cleanness is the normal condition of most…

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